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Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or Treat

Kurt had his first try at trick or treat yesterday in Lexington Village. His cousins actually started with this last year, unfortunately he was not able to join them as francis and I are in the US. We're really excited with this one but a little hesistant in a way. One, we're not sure if kurt will wear his costume. So my criteria when I looked for his costume: 1. should not be complicated to wear, 2. no masks, 3. something that he knows. So what did I get? the ever gasgas costume: Superman! Oh well, no originality at all but this is the safest one that I can get that I can try to make him wear as he knows superman. He also knows spiderman and likes at as it is the first movie he watched in a movie house kaso , the one I saw in Toys R Us with the muscles looks like an old stock and that's the only one available, add that the fact that I can't make him wear the mask. Second concern, he's so duwag now so we're kinda thinking if he'll enjoy it given the kids with scary costumes and houses with halloween decors.

Anyway, the little boy was so excited with his costume that saturday pa lang, he's wearing it na. On the actual day, had to convice him a little as all of a sudden he doesn't want to wear it.

The program in the clubhouse started at 3pm, they chose kids for the best scary costume and cute doggies. Had merienda too then start of the trick or treat. Almost all the houses in the village joined it. We wasn't able to visit to all the houses as we're sooo tired already but still the goodies the kids get was really a lot as in hindi nagkasya sa pumpkin bag that we have to transfer it too a plastic bag. Some really good loot that we were able to see and some get: popcorn (forgot the name but it's the popular one)- as in they have a popcorn maker there in front of the house, three houses had dirty icecream, one had cotton candy but the line was very long, hotdog on stick, taho but they don't have disposable cups na when we got there, imported chocolates, cookies, small pack of cornflakes, choco nuts, marshmallows. Then the usual candies, lollies, chips and a whole lot more!

Some of the kids even had two plastic bags full of goodies but since my little boy can't get near houses that are spooky and those wearing costumes, we weren't able to get a lot like them. Anyway, here's a picture of his loot after we have eaten some! hehehe! syempre pati kami ng dada nya enjoy.

And here's the little boy in his superman costume:

And here he is with his cousins:

Here are more pictures with the scary kids. I just wish we had more pictures.

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