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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pundaquit R&R kwento

So how did our long weekend r&r turned out? Relaxing yet tired. Weird huh?

We are supposed to leave early Saturday morning but since I sent a text message to my sister at 1am that I might not be able to make it early, they thought that we would really get to her place late morning. You see, I was so pissed off Friday night, its way over midnight already and yet the little boy is still awake. I need to sleep early as I’ll be driving early morning and add the fact that it’s my first long drive (wouldn’t count drive to Batangas as long drive). Hubby can’t join us yet as he has his bowling championship game that night so I am tasked to drive my car, he’ll just follow us the next day.

Even if I went to sleep at past 1am, I was still able to wake up at 5am, took a bath, did some last minute packing (pillows, beddings, kurt’s milk) then at 5:45am we left home going to my sister’s house in Kamias with just kurt and the yaya. I was surprised when I get there that my brother (who’ll be coming from batangas) is not yet there, he’s usually early. I later on found out that they really thought that I’ll be late, even my sister is not yet done packing. To make the story short, we left for Zambales at 8am. Three cars on convoy led by my BIL, followed by me then my brother at the back. We’re hoping to take the new highway from Clark to Subic but we were informed when we paid the toll fee that it only opens at 12 noon. So we have no choice but to drive by the traditional route of San Fernando and Lubao, Pampanga, totally not thrilled to pass by the uber traffic Lubao. We had our first restroom stopover and stretching in the first Total gas station in San Fernando right after the exit. Was so pissed off kasi super traffic sa Lubao, as in! and we’re oh so glad when we finally reached Dinalupihan, Bataan, kainis talaga traffic sa Lubao! We arrived in Subic at past 11am and was in Subic Yatch Club for our second stop over by quarter to twelve. Stayed there for a while, restroom break then picture taking with the yatch. It’ll be a less than an hour travel from Subic Yatch Club to my BIL’s resthouse in the town proper of San Antonio, Zambales. We’ve decided to have lunch there first before proceeding to the beach. By 1pm, we’re already having lunch in my BIL’s resthouse then by 3pm we’re already in the beach. My brother took the tricycle as his lowered car can’t take the load and rough road/soft sand at the same time. I was surprised when we get there as there is already a developed beach resort beside their property. The place lost its virgin beach appeal because of that resort. Apparently, the cousin of BIL’s dad sold the property to an American who developed the property into a resort. Too bad for us as it’s no longer a private get-away. Checked out the beach and that’s when BIL told us that this beach stretch is where Maging sino ka man book one was shoot. Remember the island where Sam Milby went? This is the place! And to those who watch Marimar, it turns out that the mansion, Villa something is the resort (probably 500 meters or less than, away from BIL’s place) owned by her tita. Hmmm… Pundaquit is now being exposed to the public, good for the locals but bad for us who love its virgin, isolated appeal before. By 4pm, we’re setting up the tents. We got three good for seven coleman tents. We even raced as to who will finish first. Our tents look so good when it’s all set up, maganda kasi pare-pareho kami. I decided not to hit the water first, will do that the next day when hubby is with us na. I took a bath sa poso wearing my clothes. There’s actually an option to take a bath in a closed cube kaso iigib pa rin water sa poso and syempre mainit and for experience I preferred to take a bath sa poso. Sarap! By night time, naka-rechargeable lamp na kami sa kubo with papag. But when you walk towards where the tents are, grabe! Ang dami sobra ng stars, I’ve never seen such plenty of stars for a long time. Had dinner then my nephews started lighting up the bonfire, nagtyaga talaga sila maghanap ng kahoy so we can have the bonfire. Ako naman, I brought huge marshmallows and long barbecue sticks so we can grill the marshmallows. It was my nephews first time to try it and they loved the soft liquidy inside of the marshmallows right after grilling it. While my brothers and father drank the night away, my sister watched dvds on her portable dvd, I just sat on the foldable beach chair (a Christmas gift to us) and gazed on the stars until I became sleepy and joined kurt and inay inside the tent to sleep. Our first night sleep in the tent was so hot, the tent has a cover kasi, we did not remove it kasi baka maghamog in the morning or baka umulan, some parts of the tent kasi has net lang. sa sobrang init the little boy was sleeping without any shirt on. While ako, I realized na mas malamig if hindi sa kutson, if it’s just the blanket kasi malamig sa labas so malamig ang sand.

The next day, Sunday, we woke up early but the sun is up already pero as usual, the little boy, tulog pa rin. My sister and BIL went to the town proper market while the rest of us stayed and just made tambay. Francis arrived before lunch with my sister and BIL, it turns out nagdala rin sya ng kotse, di natiis pero iniwan na lang nya sa house sa town proper. We had a yummy lunch, inihaw na ribs and fish with seaweed salad. Yum! Yum! Talaga! Slept for a while sa papag then went swimming na. good thing I wore life vest kasi malalim ang tubig may nephews naman buried Joshua under the sand while he’s on Indian seat, the little boy was so inggit so sya rin nagpacover ng sand, too bad nga lang we weren’t able to take a picture kasi when hubby left to get camera pagbalik nya, umalis na little boy. BIL walked along the shoreline until he reached her tita’s resort Punta de Uian and according to him, totally different world there, parang Bora sa dami ng tao and the viva hot babes are there. Funny my nephews kasi punta agad sila. That night was more peaceful, wala na kasing maingay na guests yun katabing resort and mas presko na kasi we did not put na the tent cover.

Our last day, Monday, light breakfast, others went swimming while kami, pack-up na to go back to the house in the town proper. Bought total of 15 kilos of almost ripe mangoes from the town market then left for Manila at 11am. This time, we were able to take the Subic-Clark-Tarlac highway and what can I say? It’s so ganda! Smooth ang road, daming hills na hinati just for the highway and I agree with Jody para akong nasa US, feeling ko I’m driving in I-280 from San Jose, CA to San Francisco. Galing talaga! We had lunch in Jollibee in North expressway and arrived Manila at past 3pm. It was tiring yet relaxing vacation. I wish we’ll go back there and this time sana eh di na kami tamarin that we can go and visit the papaya plantation and makapaglakad-lakad sa beach.

Pictures to follow.

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