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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More about me

This is the last tag in my utang list. Got this one from Tet. Kinda hard pero I'll try..

I AM... strong-willed, shy in person but loyal friend

I WANT... to go on a month long vacation. I just wish my current special project will end na so I can go on vacation

I HAVE… a wonderful jack of all trades husband and a little boy who so into sports like his dad

I WISH… I am on vacation in a beach right now pero sana may internet connection pa rin. and i also wish na makahabol na ko sa mga episodes ng Lobo.

I HATE… waiting! as in!

I FEAR… of the unknown

I SEARCH… for an alternative place where i can stay whole day and study

I WONDER… if I defer my exam or not

I LOVE… my life right now. i feel blessed though minsan senti ako

I ALWAYS… hope for the best in our life

I AM NOT… in the mood to go back to office tomorrow. you see, i was on leave since yesterday

I DANCE… bad

I SING… videoke when i'm with my siblings

I CRY… when I'm sad and frustrated

I WRITE… when i feel sentimental

I WON… one year subscription of Digital Scrapbooking from bookoto on my birthday this year

I AM CONFUSED… if i'll take the exam this june or defer

I SHOULD… decide before april 25!

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… to thank God for the blessings and wish for guidance for the next day.

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