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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mama, love me?

I have a 9am review with one of the partners in our office this morning. Given that we don’t usually arrive on that time (usually we arrive 9:30) I set my alarm clock to make sure that I won’t be late. The alarm clock rang and unfortunately, it was not only me who woke up, Kurt was also awake, which was unusual as before the alarm has no effect on him. The little boy won’t make me take a bath. As in! he’s saying that “mama, no office ikaw!”. Ayaw nya ko paalisin at pinapahiga pa ko sa bed so I am convincing him that I have to take a bath na. Then he said this nakakadurog puso at nakakagulat na tanong: “mama, love me?then “no office!” as in both hubby and I are shocked with his statement. As in this is the first time that we heard this from him. Him saying that if you love me, please don’t go to office. Bigla ko tuloy naalala yung email na na-receive ko from my officemate about a kid buying one hour of his dad’s time. Oh my God! I never thought that we will come to this point. Every day, upon waking up, he will always ask if I have no office, to which I reply that I’m going to office, usually he’ll just request that I leave later or that he’ll drive (with me on my car or his dada’s car) and that’s it. But now, may pangungunsensya na. Out of guilt, I stayed and lay down beside him while his dada is trying to make him go out of the room para I can prepare na for office. After a few minutes, he decided to follow his dada outside so I went out na rin and ate breakfast, the little boy has been telling me, “later office, finish eat” then when I went inside our bedroom to get my bathrobe, he immediately followed and locked the door shut behind us. As in kinulong ako ng anak ko sa room saying “no office ikaw! Stay here” natatawa-tawa na ko and at the same time sobrang touch talaga ako pero di talaga ako pwedeng ma-late but I won’t dare go out and make him cry. So I patiently waited inside the room, siguro nainip na rin, he went out and that was my cue to take a bath, after that, hindi na nya ko pinigilan. I guess, napagbigyan ko na sya to leave later and well, the effect, late ako sa review ng boss ko. I do not regret being late though I know negative point against me yun. At least, hindi ko pinaiyak ang anak ko at pinagbigyan ko sya sa maliit na request nya. I just wish it’s a weekend already. I always love it when he asks if no office and then my reply is Yes.

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Wow! How can a mom resist nga naman? :)

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