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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Heaven on Earth:100 Places to See in your Lifetime

As a gift to its subscribers, Time magazine gave out a very special book, something that I will treasure my entire life. That is the Heaven on Earth: 100 Places to See in Your Lifetime.

Out of the 100 places mentioned there, I’ve only been to four. It could have been five because my sister and I planned on going there but we were not able to do so due to late preparation. It could have been six if we chose that highway from LA to San Jose. It could have been seven if my project in Australia pushed through, I even have the visa already.

And now, I can proudly say that it will soon (hopefully, nothing goes wrong) become five as I have a trip to China at the end of May and we vow to go and visit The Great Wall of China.

Without further ado, I am presenting the 100 Places to See in Your Lifetime as presented by Time magazine.

AMERICA ▪ Acadia ▪ Big Sur ▪ Charleston ▪ Denali ▪ The Florida Keys ▪ The Grand Canyon ▪ The Great Smoky Mountains ▪ Hoh Rainforest ▪ Katmai ▪ Kauai ▪ Lake Tahoe ▪ Mammoth Cave ▪ Monument Valley ▪ Mount Rushmore ▪ Nantucket ▪ Natchez Trace ▪ The San Francisco Bay AreaThe Statue of Liberty ▪ Yellowstone ▪ Yosemite

THE WORLD ▪ Abu Simbel ▪ The Acropolis ▪ The Amazon ▪ Amsterdam ▪ Angkor Wat ▪ Antibes ▪ The Australian Outback ▪ Bali ▪ Barbados ▪ Barcelona ▪ Belize ▪ Bermuda ▪ Bhaktapur ▪ The Black Forest ▪ Bruges ▪ Budapest ▪ Buenos Aires ▪ Cartagena ▪ Churchill ▪ The Colosseum ▪ Copenhagen ▪ The Cyclades ▪ The Dingle Peninsula ▪ Dubrovnik ▪ Easter Island ▪ Fez ▪ The Galapagos Islands ▪ Geiranger Fjord ▪ The Giant’s Causeway ▪ The Great Barrier Reef ▪ The Great Pyramid ▪ The Great Wall of China ▪ Guadalajara ▪ Guilin ▪ Hong Kong ▪ Iceland ▪ Iguacu Falls ▪ The Isle of Wight ▪ Istanbul ▪ Jigokudani ▪ Krabi ▪ Kyoto ▪ The Lake District ▪ Lake Lucerne ▪ London ▪ The Lot ▪ Machu Picchu ▪ Madagascar ▪ The Maldives ▪ The Mausoleum of Antiochus ▪ Mont Blanc ▪ Monte Alban ▪ Mount Kilimanjaro ▪ The Namib Desert ▪ New Zealand ▪ The Okavango Delta ▪ Paris ▪ Petra ▪ Phan Thiet ▪ The Potala Palace ▪ Prague ▪ Registan Square ▪ Rio de Janiero ▪ The Sea of Galilee ▪ The Serengeti ▪ The Seychelles ▪ South Georgia Island ▪ St. Petersburg ▪ Stonehenge ▪ Sydney Harbor ▪ The Taj Mahal ▪ Tallinn ▪ Tasmania ▪ Tikal ▪ Torres del Paine ▪ Tuscany ▪ Vancouver ▪ Venice ▪ Vienna ▪ Yamdrok Yumtso Lake ▪

Those in blue font are the places I’ve been to.

Having seen this list, hubby and I agreed to try and visit one from the list at least every other year. That means we should no longer go back to the countries we’ve been to and instead visit a new place.

I wish I can include in this blog the actual pictures used by Time, I’ll try my best so I can share what I have seen in that book.

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