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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Egg Hunting

It started from a discussion of Eastwood's 200,000 eggs on Easter sunday. My MIL heard us talking about it and suggested that we do it instead at home. It was wednesday night, three days away from Easter sunday and we're talking of starting from scratch. But since we all loved the idea, SIL and her sister went to Divi on saturday to look for plastic eggs while my other SIL designed the real eggs.

When we got back from Batangas for our Holy Week vacation, this is what we saw on the dining table:

Cutesy thirteen boiled eggs dyed with food color and designed with glitter glue. Then on the buffet table was a big plastic full of various sizes of plastic eggs. While written on the white board in the refrigerator are the rules of the easter egg hunt.

Apparently, there are 101 eggs, 13 of which are the original dyed eggs which if found is equivalent to P100 each, while the plastic eggs contain various goodies inside. The smaller ones are sealed when they bought so we have no idea what goodies can be found inside. The hunt will start at 9am, kids only and no eggs will be hidden inside the cabinets, cars, bodega.

Funny as before the hunt starts, the little boy was playing with his shape sorter, when one shape fell and was under the sofa, as he was trying to get the block, he also saw one of the hidden eggs to which all of us shout. We just told the little boy that, that is what the eggs that they will look for look like, at ang nakakatawa, bigla syang sumigaw na there are more pa outside! LOL! you see, the little boy woke up early then played outside with the yaya and nung andun pala, nakakakita na sya ng mga eggs so bigla tuloy nilipat ng taguan. Funny talaga etong little boy ko.

Here are some pics during the day. Hoping to get the other pics from hubby as these were taken using my phone.

Kids given instructions holding plastic bags where they can keep the eggs they got:

Their baskets being filled with eggs found. Nearest in the pic is kurt's (together with the plastic box), then followed by sean's, pau's, giang's and the farthest gelo's.

This pic shows the kids making reklamo of hubby kasi he's helping the little boy. As he is the youngest qualified sya to have an adult companion. Same as Gelo, his yaya is helping him. The adults are not actually showing where the eggs are, medyo nili-lead lang nila to where it can be found.

Showing the contents of the big eggs:

All eggs on the table:

To follow is the picture of the kids with their basketful of eggs and their picture on the move, I still have to get it from hubby.

I have to say that MIL and SIL really did a wonderful job with this egg hunt. Since galing pa sila sa easter vigil, they started hiding the eggs past midnight and they ended at past 3am, complete with flashlights (ala bulglar) they placed the eggs strategically all over the house and even in the garden. Galing pa kasi they prenumbered the eggs and logged where specifically they placed it para we would know kung nasaan yun mga hindi pa nahahanap. I wish I had taken pictures of where they hidden the eggs kasi ang galing talaga that i think even if kaming oldies ang naghanap eh for sure mahihirapan din.

The kids searched for an hour. The winner was Pau with 21 eggs, followed by Giang with 19 eggs, Sean with 18 eggs, Gelo with 15 eggs while Kurt (the youngest) got 14 eggs. But lucky for my little boy as out of 13 true eggs, he found three so he got P300. Pau got P200 for finding the most egg.

Now we started a fun family tradition. According to FIL, next year, he'll be adding more prices for those who'll find a certain number of egg.

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