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Sunday, February 03, 2008

My 2006 US trip: The Highlights

I am once again on a reminiscing mood. I had this episode too sometime ago, which I posted here with matching photos. To recall, I decided to go back to my friendster blog to check out my postings during the time that I am in the US. I realized that I didn't post a lot. I'm copying here my entry on my last official day at work in EY where I recorded the things that I don't want to forget about my US experience. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, I'll be able to journal about the experience, the places I've been too and the lessons I learned. So, here it is, I wrote this on Dec. 15, 2006.


last day
this is my last official day in EY PNW. this is also the last time that i can check my email before I go home. time flies fast, i just can't wait to go home, i am so excited. this is also the end of my adventures here in the US. These are the things that i will always remember:
- tasting the famous texan barbecues in Austin, Texas
- the experience of having room service everyday in a hotel for dinner to the point that we already ordered everything in their menu in Austin, Texas
- driving my "own" car - silver Chrysler PT cruiser - touring edition 2006 model, plate # 5TQW454
- the first time i took I-280 to San Francisco, it was night and foggy on a winding, hilly road, with only less than a month driving experience
- the first time i drove in downtown San Francisco, oh my God! i will really never forget Divisadero rd going to Golden Gate bridge, the road is so steep... worse than riding the roller coaster since I'm the one driving
- ate's visit here during Labor day weekend - having someone during in times of grief over ate swanie's death - i don't know if i'll survive if she's not with me during that time
- downtown san francisco visit with ate - riding the cable car-sabit pa!, having desserts at Ghirardhelli Square
- Six Flags trip with fellow RSPs, I can't believe how brave I was to ride all the scary rides.
- Long drive to LA with Francis, experience was so good, great bonding too! we truly enjoyed Universal Studios - seeing Nicholas Cage from afar during our studio tour, seeing the Wisteria Lane and other sets that they use when they make movies; having dinner in a Korean restaurant at Beverly Hills with auntie Josie; Hollywood Blvd; Malibu beach drive and our adventures in missing our exits in LA
- Weekend in Lake Tahoe with Francis, auntie Al, Faye, lola Nita and lolo Ped. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful even without the snow, i just wish though that i can go back there now with the snow - screaming because we saw a black bear only a few yards away from us and really hungry! learning how to play the slot machines!
- two lunches in a Sushi buffet! it was so good! thanks auntie al!
- Thanksgiving weekend with ate: Thanksgiving parade in NY- we have a VIP pass - we can go in and out Macy's even if the store's closed to use the restroom, have coffee or just to heat up; watching Rockette's christmas spectacular in Radio City; riding the ferry from NJ to NY -seeing the beautiful Manhattan skyline; Chicago Bulls vs. Philly Sixers game - it was awesome to see it live and with good seats too! thanks tito willie!; black friday sale- to really experience waking up at 5am, run to Best Buy and fall in line outside the store with hundreds of people, run again inside to fall in line for my videocam; walking day in NY - we walked from 65th st. west side going to 79th st. then back to 34th st. to Macy's! it was a long walk but we never mind it as we really enjoyed the day walking along 5th street, seeing all the display windows; line dancing in a surprise birthday party that we attended in Philly's chinatown, i never thought they had a lot of versions of line dancing - a truly indication that I am in the US with fellow filipinos; US history glance in Philadelphia - seeing the Liberty Bell, Independence Visitor Center and knowing Benjamin Franklin; seeing and actually being inside Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; spending quality time with ate - eating inside the car, while walking or in the park because we have a very hectic schedule;
- being in Alcatraz, the Rock with fellow RSPs
- experience driving in Golden Gate Bridge - too bad though that I was not able to walk the bridge as I originally planned
- being able to do parallel parking (a couple of times!) in downtown San Francisco! a truly great achievement!
- weekend drives to San Francisco and Alameda
- my one bedroom unit, S212, in Oakwood South Saratoga ave in San Jose - I'll never forget my home for 5 months - my pool view, my big space, the carpet, dish washer, heater, great shower, comfy couch, plush pillows and big bed
- my quick cook dinner - steak!! i'll definitely miss this!
- shopping in Great Mall outlet mall, Ross, Michael's, Target and Bare Escentuals
- doing grocery in Safeway
- the friends I made while I am here. I'll never forget them! they made my stay here bearable and weekends always something to look forward to!
There will be a lot of backtracks regarding this US travel in the next coming days whenever I feel like it. My goal is to actually log here all my travels (hopefully, I still remember them).

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