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Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm now with PPP!

Ok..ok..I am now definitely taking this paid blogging seriously. I spent a lot of time on research, even saving in a document all information that I have gathered regarding paid blogging. All the rules, terms, FAQs and the benefits. As most successful bloggers doing paid blogging recommend, I have to join PayPerPost. Why? according to them, this site provides good opportunities as a lot of advertisers chooses PayPerPost for their blog ads requirements. I checked the website and I can't believe I am seeing opps amounting to $35 and more! wow! that's a BIG amount of money! I realized that it's not that hard to earn, I just have to be active in checking out opps in the site and keep my blog active. Well, I don't see the second requirement as a problem as I often update my blog. I almost always record the daily happenings in our life. So, what does an excited newbie gonna do seeing this $$$ opportunity? of course, I signed up! I was so nervous and excited completing the requirements, which is not very hard at all, then I patiently waited for the approval. I was surprised when I checked my email tonight that finally my blog was approved. Yipee!! They are really fast in reviewing and approving the blogger's request to join. That is so good! very efficient service I am telling you. So, how does it feel? I am super excited! I am excited to earn $$$! It will definitely help us in the lot that we are planning to buy.

Thanks a lot Jody! your post in our egroup helped me a lot on deciding, most especially in joining PPP.

Now for me to become more familiar and confident with this, I have to go out and check their site for more tips. I think I saw a PPP blog, I'll look into it too as I think it will help me more.

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