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Monday, February 04, 2008

Joaqui's baptism and saturday happening

Last saturday, 02/02/08, was baby Joaqui's baptism. Joaqui (full name is Joaquin Julian) is my brother's son. He's now the youngest in the cousins, replacing kurt on his throne. LOL! The baptism was held in Pasay, time set was 10am. Hubby and I woke up really early that day as we'll also be meeting with the lot broker at 8:30am. The broker arrived on time good thing we're done with all the preps, kurt did not throw any tantrums when hubby woke him up. We checked out the lots she's selling and we finally found the lot that we like. I'll just create a separate post about this in time.

So, we're in a hurry for the baptism as hubby's the official photographer, while I am a ninang. We got to the church on time, baby Joaqui's not even there yet when we arrived but we're the last from the family to arrive.

Reception was held in Max's Baclaran, I just love Max's chicken! and after that, we went to Makati. Hubby went to office to checked the status of their UAT while kurt and I went to Power Books as the little boy is requesting that we go to a bookstore. You see, the little boy loves going to the bookstore to check out the books. He doesn't exactly read it but he enjoys looking at them. We've only been there for less than an hour when hubby told me that he's done with work. He picked us up. We're supposed to go to Glorieta for his shopping but we're so tired and sleepy that we decided to just go home.

My migraine was starting to develop when we got home so I went to sleep. At past five, me still with migraine, hubby left for his bowling tournament. We're supposed to go with him but since I have a migraine, we're left at home. I locked myself in the bedroom and closed the lights so I can sleep peacefully, I also took my migraine pills.

Although I feel so guilty, I ignored little boy's pleading that he go inside the room, I have to keep him out as my condition will definitely improve if I let him in. After about two hours, I heard him crying. So I went out and learned that he bit his cousin. Hay naku! Found out that his cousin was not sharing his food that's why he bitten him. I've just decided that we leave the house to cool things out. We went to Hypermart to do the grocery and had dinner in Tiendesitas. We had papaitan, grilled porkchop and barbecue. We enjoyed our date together. We went home almost 9pm.

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Anonymous said...

hi, juls. :) just wanted to say that your baby is soooooo cute. :) re: migraine - pareho tayo. lagi akong sinusumpong ng migraine. tip lang - next time na you feel one developing, take your pills already. kasi sabi ng doctor ko, if you let the migraine alone and then take the pills/pain reliever pag masakit na, hindi na uubra ung gamot. have you identified what causes your migraine? ako kasi exposure ng eyes to too much light and not eating on time. at least when you know what triggers the migraine, baka mabawasan ung frequency of attacks. :)