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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Online store for me?

I have always been curious on how to set up an online store. You see, I am a frequent online shopper. I started this when I was in the US last 2005, simple click there and there, accumulate everything in my shopping cart and wait for promo on shipping then check out. I continued with this back here for my scrapbooking materials purchases. I have always wondered how it was being set-up and how everything works. How can they keep track of everybody's purchases, how can they keep the items in the shopping cart for so long and even the purchase history. I thought it's all techie hardwork for the online seller. Little did I know that a shopping cart software can easily be availed from Ashop Commerce, very affordable and mind you that their service is reliable! A lot of online US merchants enjoy their peace of mind as they are backed up by a reliable ecommerce software provider. They even help first timers by providing trial software, advices, demos and almost everything needed to start with the business (with the exception of capital of course! LOL!) Hmmm...would this mean that I can now create my online store for the scrapbook materials gathering dust in our room?

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