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Monday, February 11, 2008

Lunch in Starbucks

I have been a “luncher” (my own term again) in Starbucks for quite some time now. I order either of these two sandwiches: turkey chicken sandwich and chunky chicken waldorf on cinnamon bread. I always pair my sandwich with a tall Americano and take one small cup of half & half with me. And today, I tried another yummy sandwich from them. You see, my fave between the two sandwiches above is the turkey chicken but then it seems that I’m not the only one who loves this as every time I go to Starbucks Enterprise after lunch, there are no more of this. Although I like the chunky chicken, I am in no mood of eating today anything with cinnamon. And, there are only two choice of sandwich available, either this chunky chicken or this one that I haven’t tried yet. So, naturally, I picked the other one which I haven’t tried yet but been seeing every time. It’s the antipasto cheese. I actually even contemplated on buying my sandwich in Oliver’s instead but I’m so “sawa” na of their sandwiches and I don’t like Oliver’s in Enterprise, I always go to Glorietta branch if I am really craving with their sandwich.

To go back to the story, I took my antipasto cheese and coffee with me back to the office for my lunch. And surprise of all surprises, I never thought that it will taste this good! Looking at it kasi, it looks like a simple ham and cheese fare but when I tasted it…wow! Really good huh! I checked for the ingredients and realized that it’s not an ordinary ham pala. It has beef pastrami, beef salami, pepperoni and lyoner pala together with iceberg lettuce, caramelized onions and white cheese. And to think I have been ignoring this! It means I have a new favorite!

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yoyin said...

kakainggit naman!!!
i live in pampanga and the closest starbucks is like a 20-minute drive away (and that's already via the expressway). i miss going to starbucks anytime i wanted to - that was when i was still studying in manila. lalo pa akong nainggit when you mentioned The Enterprise --- spent almost every day studying sa Starbucks or sa may "food court" doon before I took the Bar exam --- i soooo miss the NY fries!!!! sigh...