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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dede and baby

Past 9pm today, tuesday, November 13, 2007, kurt, exactly 37 months old, hubby is watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebration Edition 2 on the tv in the sala.

Kurt and I are having our bedtime routine. We're lying on the bed, kurt's head on my arms, drinking milk while watching Barney.

Kurt: mama, no more dede, enough. (giving the empty bottle to me, he says enough meaning he will no longer ask for more. this is what i say when i don't want him to drink more milk)

Me: ok

Kurt: mama, dede? (pointing on my breast)

Me: with the question, caught off guard)

Kurt: See? (asking permission as he was trying to peep through my shirt and I am so stunned to do something about it)

Kurt: Mama, no more? (kurt trying to ask if my breast has no more milk)

Me: no more. (isang tanong isang sagot lang ako sa sobrang shock sa pangyayari)

Me again: You know what, you used to drink milk from mama when you were a baby.

Kurt: hehehehe (laughing, i don't know if because of disbelief or because he's insulted or if he just simply finds what I said funny)

After a few minutes, he moved his head to my tummy, he's head on top of my tummy while watching Barney.

Kurt: Mama, baby? (while he's lying side view, his head on my tummy, him facing against me)

Me: Ha? (not really sure if I'm hearing it right, so this reaction. You see, I am intently watching Barney)

Kurt: Mama, baby? (repeating his question)

Well, I was not able to react. Not very good reaction. I just kept quiet, totally ga-ga with all that happened. I am not expecting these type of questions this early. I am not prepared. Not yet! not now! Kurt should not be asking these questions yet! or he really should be? Thoughts running through my mind, like how was he able to think of these? thinking of instances when I mentioned breastmilk to him and baby on tummy, but I cannot think of any recent talks with him about this. Oh my! I better be ready next time for encounters like these. I have to give intelligent answers to his questions. He's starting to become curious na. I am not ready! waaahhh....

I know I have to blog this, I am creating this post on my mind while I was trying to make him go to sleep. I am thinking of a scrapbook layout for this moment. As I will definitely create an LO for this. I want him to read what happened this night, when he grows up.

Tsk..tsk...tsk... kids...

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