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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Beyonce Experience

Whew! hubby and I just got back from the Beyonce Experience Live concert in The Fort. And what can I say? GALING!!! as in! super! never thought that it'll be that good to watch Beyonce live, I am not really a fan you know.

So how did we get to watch it? well, everyday, we passed by the concert site everytime we go to work and hubby and I have talked about it that we'll go there to listen lang. We'll just park our car there, then just listen. That's our original intention. Things today changed when people in the office started talking about it during lunch. So, been telling them that we have no intention of watching since its expensive. Then learned that one of my officemates got free tickets from his brother working in Globe and wala pa syang maaya. So, when we returned from lunch, I am trying to convince him to just give the tickets to me. Well, he did not give the tickets, BUT! he asked his brother if he still have 2 more tickets. And whoa! meron pa. So that's the story on how we got to watch it. And take note, we got Patron B tickets!

We're already in the Fort area by 5:30, stayed for a while in Bonifacio High Street, ate donuts from Krispy Kreme. Bryan and I then went inside na, to kill time, we fall on line the Globe booth to get the charm bracelet, and we were to able to complete the charms naman.

Beyonce started at almost 8:30pm just a few minutes after hubby arrived. She is sooo good, as in good showmanship, good dancing, good stage direction, good costumes, definitely good show, all girls band, he only involved 3 men, and they are dancers. And, she's so hot and sexy! hubby can't take his eyes off! LOL! the three male dancers are hot too! LOL! not my type though.

She sang her songs and Destiny's child's music. Definitely galing! galing talaga! Last song: "to the left, to the left..." It ended at past 10 am but we got home almost 12 midnight na due to difficulty in leaving the makeshift parking area.

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