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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Music from the 80s

I just love music from the eighties. I am 3-13 years old that time so I actually don’t know why I preferred it over the music when I was on my teens to early twenties which was the 90s. I guess I was greatly influenced by my siblings as this was actually their time. I have 5 siblings who are on their teens to 20s this time (kuya jay on his highschool years while our 4 other siblings are on college days to early working days) so probably since I always hear it at home, hearing it now brings back happy memories. Right now, I’m listening to the “Best 100 Music of the Eighties” released by EMI and I absolutely love the album. I learned about this cd from Chico and Delamar in Morning Rush in RX 93.1 and I looked for it na in music stores, its not available in Astrovision, I was only able to buy it from Odyssey and it’s definitely worth it. It contains 6 cds for P595.

Great long drive music.

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