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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy birthday Kurt!!

Kurt turned three last saturday. We did not plan any party for his third birthday though I almost did. Our plan for the day, have pansit, home-made pizza, cake and ice cream with his cousins. Then last minute, we've decided to invite na rin sila ate gem, when we learned that andito sila kuya joel. our original plan was to have another celebration in Batangas when we go home but now, we've decided to invite them here at home. So, final menu for kurt's simple birthday party. Pansit sotanghon, home-made pizza (more on this later), garden fresh salad, crispy pata and barbecue. Everything was made from scratch except for the barbecue which we order na lang from the kanto here in the village.

Dapat, spaghetti kaso Aimee just celebrated her birthday on 11th and she brought spaghetti and cake here so we decided na iba na lang.

For the pizza, I bought 2 packs of mini-pizza crust and another 2 packs of solo sized pizza crust. For the toppings, I bought Del Monte pizza sauce, Eden cheese (mahal kasi quickmelt eh I know that this cheese melts), Purefoods sweet ham, mushroom, bell pepper and onions. For the mini-pizzas, I only had ham and cheese, ham, mushroom and cheese as toppings. While for the solo sized pizza, which are for adults, it has all the toppings. Hit naman my pizza. A little sweet though kasi I used the sweet sauce tapos I used pa sweet ham then siguro medyo matamis din yung cheese so the next time that I make pizza, I'll use na the classic sauce.

Then ate gem brought a Red Ribbon choco crunch cake. Eh francis bought din a mango crunch cake from Red Ribbon. Original plan, a Barney cake. Unfortunately, Ria of cakes n scrap will be out of town.

Then I bought balloon na i-inflate ko and bought din sticks for the balloons.

Will post pictures one of this days.

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