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Friday, July 04, 2008

Little boy's homework

Friday last week, I was surprised when I got home from work as the yaya told me that Kurt has homework. Wow! only on second week in school and he's got homework already and to think he's only a nursery. When I checked his assignment notebook, I found four assignments! so while the little boy is still excited in doing his homework, we answered it that friday night. I completely forgot to take pictures then but since its a friday today, new set of assignments again! I took pictures already of his assignment last week.

First, the task was to color the two pictures with their natural color. So I asked the little boy the color of apple and sun. Here what he did:

Second, put a check mark if the drawings are alike, then put an x if not. Well, the little boy know the answer, the problem is in putting the check mark and x. As in we practiced first before actually doing it, unfortunately, the little boy's check mark was not clear, nagmumukhang x so i told him to just put a diagonal straight line instead. Too bad however that the teacher did not give points to those drawings that he wrote his version of check mark, malabo kasi kaya he only got 2 out of 4 correct. Kainis!! gusto ko sana ireklamo sa teacher kaso sabi ni hubby wag na.

Third, to put an x on the drawing that differs with the rest. on this, the little boy got everything correct so he was given a star.

And lastly, the hardest of them all, he's asked to draw the missing parts of the face. The little boy knows that the drawing misses two eyes, one nose, one mouth and two ears but to draw it! that's another thing. I'm just so proud of the little boy that he did not give up until he's satisfied - he keeps on erasing until he likes what he did. And here's the funny face that he draw:

He's got four new homework again and a note from the teacher. Apparently, he'll always have a homework on fridays. I'll be posting the second homework next week - with the teacher's marks.

Wow! I really have a schoolboy now.

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sis, maganda naman magcolor si kurt. ganyan din si ize, minsan nakakalimutang i-fill yung mga spaces. pero sis, okay si kurt magcolor. maganda...:)