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Friday, July 04, 2008

Beijing China kwento - Ming Tombs

Continuation of the Beijing kwento...

Ming tombs (UNESCO world heritage site) – we went to Ding Ling, the only tomb that have been excavated. Ming tombs is composed of 13 tombs of the 17 emperors of the Ming dynasty, instead of building pyramids, they create an underground palace on hills and that serve as the emperor’s mausoleum. We passed by cherry farm so we bought na rin. ; ;
Bridge entrance:

Ano raw?

Going to Underground Palace where the tombs are buried:

Inside the underground palace, behind us is the emperor's throne and some of his possessions:

A replica of the emperor's, empress', concubines tombs and their kept treasures:

Finally, up and out!

Last in ou itinerary for the day was Summer Palace.

To be continued...

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