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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First day of school

The little boy had his first day of school today. I am so anxious, excited and worried - excited kasi finally mag-school na little boy, worried kasi may times na hindi sya excited, may time na excited. His class starts at 11:10am and ends at 1:10pm. Maaga pa lang gising na kami, the little boy is having mixed feelings so to change it to excitement I told him that when his alarm clock rings, it's time to take a bath na so na-excite sya. Next prob that we had, sobrang ayaw nyang isuot polo, mainit kasi but finally I got to convince him. So here are the pics of the little boy.

So, what happened in the school? surprisingly, he was kinda shy and NR kanina that even the teacher was surprised kasi nagsalimpusa na sya last year and he was active, the conclusion was kasi ako ang kasama kanina unlike last year, yaya lang, he's always looking at me at the back checking if I'm still there. Eh last year super bibo daw to think he was younger then.

Tomorrow, he'll go with yaya na lang so hopefully he'll cooperate more. Funny kasi when the teacher says stand up, di sya tatayo that the aide has to ask him to stand up pa then after a minute, upo na ulit sya. Though actually, ok na ko kasi at least, pagdating pa lang sa school, humiwalay na sya sa kin unlike other kids na umiiyak or ayaw umalis sa mommy nila so proud na ko of my little boy. Sana tuloy-tuloy na eto. Kanina, I felt envy sa mga SAHMs kasi how I wish I'll see the boy everyday sa school unfortunately working ako so di possible yun unless I always go on leave kasi alanganin pasok ni kurt. Medyo nagte-teary eyed na rin ako kasi I can't believe that he's a preschool already. Everybody in the house was surprised when they saw the pictures, big boy na raw talaga. Haaayyy.... wala na talaga ang baby ko.

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