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Monday, March 03, 2008

Letting go of the CRV

With a heavy heart, we’re now selling the CRV. Hubby and I both love his CRV, this is our second car as husband and wife, this is the second car that we spent our savings (mostly his). And now, we’re selling it. Why? As much as we don’t want to, we have to be practical. One, we don’t have our own house yet, so parking is a big issue – if we do not sell this, we’ll have three cars (my car, his new car and the CRV), add to that my FIL’s two cars, hubby’s SIL’s car and another car that his brother will buy (if we don’t sell the crv to him) so total of seven cars for one house to think the covered parking can only accommodate three cars, so that means four cars will be parked outside. Second, we won’t be using the CRV much now. Why? I can’t drive it as it is a manual car while hubby will prefer to drive his new car (kasi syempre bago and that’s his company car so better na yun ang laspagin nya di ba? And that car has free gasoline). Kumbaga, hubby will only be using the CRV when his car is on coding or when we need a bigger car or just for the fact that he has to use the CRV. Third, hubby is still paying for this for two more years so sobrang impractical to be paying for a car that he seldom use. Fourth, he’ll be spending for maintenance, insurance and registration on a car that he seldom use. Fifth, we can use the money for other reason. And sixth, we realize that it’s really about time that we sell it kasi mag 5 years na sya and when a vehicle reaches it’s fifth year, lalaki na lalo ang maintenance cost. The car won’t be far from us though as it’ll be hubby’s eldest brother who’ll buy it. He wants to buy the CRV ASAP kasi last year they sold their two cars and so far, isa pa lang ang nabili nila and they’re having a hard time coping with just one car so ayun, biglang napa-decide kami to sell it, though if it’s not that he’s brother wants it, we *might* not sell it as it is really dear to our hearts. Reason kasi why we don’t want to sell it are: One, how can we survive the rainy season if we’re both driving kotse eh dati pag tag-ulan, I don’t bring na my car, we just ride the CRV kasi yun mataas, hindi delikado sa baha. Second, paano na when we need an SUV – like punta kami sa rough road, etc. Third, wala na kaming bigger car and fourth, love namin pareho yung CRV lalo na yun folding table nya, perfect for picnics.

I know our reason not to sell it are so mababaw, kaya talaga the reason for selling it is for practicality. I actually had tears in my eyes when hubby informed me today that it’s final that we’re selling it. I can just imagine how confused will kurt is going to be kasi alam nyang sa min yun CRV tapos biglang si daddy2 na nya ang gagamit. Eh hubby told him pa na sa kanya na yung CRV. LOL! 3 years old pa lang eh may sarili nang kotse.

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happy said...

the better part is, you don't have to sell it because of financial difficulties. you're still lucky. :)