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Monday, March 03, 2008

8 random things about KURT

I've been tagged by Em. Thanks sis! this is long overdue.

Overview: Kurt is our only child. He's three years old. 3 years, 4 months to be exact.

1. He is so talkative. As in! His record - He’s talking non-stop from Baguio to Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan then from Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan to our home in Pasig. His lola will usually do the talking hand signal to him and say, “kurt who’s like this?” Then the little boy will reply: “it’s really hard!” As if trying to say that it’s hard not to talk. LOL!!
2. He is independent. He learned to eat on his own when he was one year old (and he’s clean I tell you – lahat bilib kasi malinis sya kumain). Potty trained on his own when he was one year old. Slept on his own bed when he turned three years old – without us teaching him to do so. Sets up his own plate, wants to get his own food and cleans up his dirty dishes afterwards. Decided on his own when it’s time to go to school. Loads the dvd of the movies he want to watch, brushes his teeth on his own (nagagalit pa sa kin when I do it though pagkatapos nya brush, sabihin nya, help para I can brush na his teeth, final clean kumbaga), wants to take a bath on his own (he'll just ask me what part of the body to scrub) among other things. I'll update this pag may naisip pa ko.
3. He is so helpful. He’ll always try to help me on anything. He’ll help me do my laundry, help me set up or clean the table, take my things from my car to our room, set up his own bed, attempts to make his own dede (which I am still not letting him do so I just let him shake the bottle), bring our bags from our room to the car, and a lot of other things.
4. It’s easier to take care of him when we’re in the mall than at home. Kasi when we’re in the mall he’s contented with us just looking around, sa house, malikot.
5. I can take him to a toy store and leave without buying anything. He’s contented with just looking and playing for a while. Even if we tell him to choose a toy that he like, he’ll not get anything.
6. He doesn’t get tired easily from walking. Proof – when he was two years old, last May 2007, when we were in Boracay, he walked from La Carmela (which was between station 2 and 3) to Jonah’s (which was in the opposite end of station 1) and back to La Carmela from Jonah’s. His cousin, who’s six year’s old, got tired, that he asked his dad to carry him, but the little boy, as in hindi napagod, kumakanta pa while walking. This is the reason why when he started walking on his own eh we do not bring umbroller na kasi he enjoys walking.
7. He’s layas as his parents. Automatic yan, pag weekend, he has to leave the house otherwise he’ll throw in tantrums and he’s usually (or always) behave when we’re out. According to MIL, for sure tutubuan na rin daw ng nunal sa paa ang little boy as hubby and I both have nunal sa talampakan. We can even go out nang kaming dalawa lang, I’ll just strap the seatbelt on him, while he’s seated beside me sa harap ng car, he’s so behaved, while I am driving.
8. He loves sabaw. In all his meals, gusto nya may sabaw, most especially sinigang. That’s why he doesn’t eat breakfast or on rare times that he does, dapat may sabaw and his ulam will only be egg. So, my MIL always makes sure that we have a soup in the ref, ready for the little boy when he asks for it. And gusto nya pa, he always have a soup bowl, where he can sip the soup while eating, in addition to the sabaw on his plate.

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I think I'm too late na on this so, to my blog visitors, please feel free to grab if you haven't answered this. Let me know though if you did, so I can check out your kids random facts

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Jane said...

naku juliet, kurt pala and sophia are the same. super talkative din my daughter. nonstop din yan from laguna to pampanga.