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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Duran Duran Live in Manila

We just booked six tickets for the Duran Duran concern in Araneta on April 10, 2008. It'll be a triple date with hubby's siblings and their respective wives. Funny as Faye, will be on her due date on that month so I just hope that the concert will not trigger contractions. There'll be a lot of concerts happening this April in Araneta. There'll be Toto on April 3 followed by Swing Out Sister on April 7 then Duran Duran on the 10th and others. And, Dora the Explorer is also coming here to Manila, it'll be in Aliw theater though, been thinking if I'll take the little boy to watch this.

Title of the concert is 'Red Carpet Massacre: Duran Duran' - this is the title of their new album that's why.

Hubby and I actually originally planned on watching Toto and Swing out Sisters but his brothers convinced us otherwise. The hubby is now convincing me that we watch all three concerts, or at least two. Our love story started kasi with Toto and Mike Francis when were in college. We're having this conversation and it got to him learning that I like these two bands and that he happens to have 'cassette tapes' of them so he made me copies, and that started everything. While for SOS naman, I super love their songs. Haay... ano nga ba? or should I just buy cds of the two and just be content with the Duran Duran concert. It's not cheap you know.

Toto, SOS and Dora photos courtesy of Ticketnet Philippines, while the Duran Duran - sorry, I forgot where I got these.

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