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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sleeping on his own bed

What kind of mama am I?! Hay naku, I forgot to journal about this great milestone of kurt. Well, actually I logged about it but it's not the topic of my entry. Well, to go back to my topic.

The little boy is now sleeping on his own bed! yep! yep! what's funny is that we never planned it, it just happened on his own. Hay naku, buti na lang talaga natututo anak ko mag-isa.

Well, as a background. We used to sleep side by side, the three of us, with either me or kurt in the middle (I always negotiate with kurt that he sleeps on the middle kasi ang sikip kaya sa gitna!). Out of frustration since I can't move a lot, sometime during third quarter of last year, I decided to sleep na lang opposite them kaso the little boy is growing na rin and medyo umaabot na rin ang paa nya sa kin. That's when I decided to get the mattress that hubby used before when kurt was still a baby. Aba at nung first night lang ako nakatulog dun. The next day that the little boy found about it eh inangkin na nya. And that's the start of it. I think it was January when he started sleeping there. First few days, he wakes up middle of the night to check if I'm beside him and he really wakes me up so I could transfer to "his" bed but starting this month, I just lie down beside him until he falls asleep then that's it na he's ok until the morning. So, second milestone, this is the longest consecutive nights na that he's sleeping through the night. He only asks for dede in the morning pag na alimpungatan while we're preparing for office. Haay... such a good feeling!

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cez said...

wow, congrats!

caitlin din sleeps on her bed na. and like kurt, we didn't have to persuade/teach her. sya lang nagkusa.

although may times na she would request na don sya sa bed namin matulog. pag ganon, ako ang nade-demote sa bed nya. hahaha! mas gusto nya kasing katabi ang daddy nya kesa sa akin. hehehe. pero ok lang.

grabe, how time flies! big girl/boy na ang babies natin! :)