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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

School boy

To those who’ve been following my family’s life, you know how I have been struggling to make the little boy consider going to school. You see, last year, he was on home schooling. Hubby’s brother’s girlfriend (my sister in law now) used to tutor kurt one hour everyday as she’s also a pre-school teacher. Our agreement is that he’ll be doing that until end of 2007 lang as we intend to enroll the little boy in the pre-school near our house (saling-pusa lang naman). We’re intending to do this para he’ll get familiar with a school setup in time for his enrollment next school year with the same school. Kaso, it turns out, ayaw nya to go to school. I don’t know if its because he got used that it’s the teacher who visits him or if he got scared/intimidated kasi he sees his cousins always with homework then have to go to sleep early kasi maaga sila gumigising (as in 5am). Then dinagdagan ko pa when I bought two workbooks for him and attempted to teach him myself. So gusto naman nya, ako na lang daw magturo. Can you imagine a little boy who's only turning three years old last year saying that he doesn’t want to study kasi it’s hard daw! Oh my! Oh my! Is this a preview of what is going to happen in the future? Wag naman sana.

So, since we can’t convince him, sina-psychologize na lang namin. On our usual walks around the block, I’ll point to him the preschool and tell him that it’s his school and mentions the name of his teacher. There are times when he’d say he’ll go to school na but later on babawiin. This dilemma even made me consider sending him to a progressive preschool kasi at least there nobody will force him to do things (that’s my POV of progressive so I might be wrong). So, while I was on this dilemma and slowly convincing husband to agree, the little boy made his own decision.

Last Thursday, on his usual morning walk around the block with the yaya, he decided to stop by the pre-school and observe. Nasa garage lang kasi yung isang classroom (really informal setup) so from the road, you can really see what they’re doing inside. So observe-observe muna then according to the yaya eh pakonti-konti, palapit na ng palapit sa loob until finally he gate-crashed the class. He stayed there inside, observing and playing with the kids during playtime. Mind you he’s wearing pambahay sando, shorts and his crocs! He does not have any baon, good thing that one of the kids daw shared baon. My MIL texted me about this and I am so shocked. Happy na rin kasi at least he’s getting curious na with going to school.

That night, when I got home, I talked to him asking him if he’ll go to school na, no pa rin daw so I did not force him na. Sabi nya, finish school na. Ayaw na nya daw school, work na lang daw sya sa office ko. LOL!

The next day, my FIL suggested that the yaya take the little boy again for a walk to see if he’ll go again to school, which he did. This time he participated more. So, since naging habitual gate crasher na ang anak ko, we decided to talk with the owner.

Well, according to her, we just let things be it. She’s saying nga na it’s a good thing that we did not force him and just let him observe until finally he gets to enjoy it. Ang maganda nito eh walang bayad. LOL! Request nya lang eh pagbihisin na daw. LOL! Well not to offend us pero her concern is para the little boy or other kids in the school won’t compare na he’s wearing pambahay while the rest are not.

This time the little boy is more eager to go to school, he’s even asking me to prepare his baon, rice and hotdog daw – this was during the weekend. Come Monday, when we have already prepared his baon and his clothes, ayaw na naman nya. Heartbreaking actually kasi he’s asking me na ako na lang daw mag-teach sa kanya. Then he asked me to go with him to school, to help him. I am contemplating whether I’ll really take him to school kasi he’s more dependent when I’m there kumbaga mas independent sya pag wala ako. May worry is baka if I go with him the first time, he’ll always expect that I’ll go with him eh I can’t always do that kasi he wakes up late na. But finally, I’ve decided na sige I’ll go with him muna. Kaso mo naman, ayaw na naman nya. Pabago-bago talaga ng isip even if I told him na ihahatid ko sya and all. So I left na for office at around 9:30.

After a few hours, MIL sent me a text message na pagkaalis ko daw nagpaligo na ang little boy and kumain and he asked na to be taken to school. Funny talaga etong anak ko. When I got home, he told me that he danced in the school and studied. According to one of the helpers naman, the little boy daw was asking the teacher who helped him to eat his baon why he doesn’t have a juice. Water lang kasi laman ng baunan nya with his rice, 2 packs of peanut butter biscuits and peanut butter sandwich. Nyahahaha! Dami baon food pero I forgot to add the juice that I bought. He’s asking din daw why wala sya book, nagbigay kasi ng homework yun teacher in the book so ang little boy, hinahanap ang homework nya.

Today, Tuesday, I left the house early for a meeting (not very early though kasi 8am na nga ako umalis), he’s still sleeping. When I called home, pumasok daw. So, I guess this means that the little boy is seriously going to school na. I just wish I can actually see him there kaso ayaw nya pumasok pag nasa bahay ako.

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