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Monday, February 25, 2008

Out of touch

Friends, so sorry for being silent in the past few days. I am on my final night here in Singapore. I wasn't able to mention about this before we left as we're soooo busy. Hubby is now back in Manila, while I am spending the night here in my brother's apartment. We did not bring any laptop kaya dito lang ako sa brother ko naka-internet.

When I get back, I'll do all the tags. Final night of the vacation, so many things happened back in Manila that we have to face. Hanggang leeg ang naiwan kong trabaho so I hope I can squeeze in a few minutes to blog.

See you all soon my cyber friends!

1 comment:

Nyree said...

HI Juliet! Have a fun stay in Sinagpore! :) Ingat sa paguwi!