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Monday, February 18, 2008

Child-free sunday!

Warning: Contains some spoilers of the movie Jumper so stop reading after the third paragraph, or skip the fourth paragraph, if you haven't watched the movie.

We had the whole day today without kids. Hubby's only sister gave us this as a gift last christmas. She gave this to all her siblings with kids. She promised that she will take care of the kids for one whole day.

We actually forgot already about this so we're surprised when she told us last friday. Nakakatawa si hubby and his eldest brother kasi as in pang-asar na sumigaw sa tuwa pag-alis ng kids with their sister and his boyfriend. We're actually asking them kung seryoso silang gusto nilang gawin yun, imagine, they'll be taking with them four kids! three boys ages 3, 4 and 6 and one girl aged 9. well, they took one yaya with them pero mahirap pa rin yun. We're actually more concerned with Kurt and his cousin Gelo kasi the two other kids, Pau and Sean are older na so easier to manage.

So, what did the three parents did?! syempre, kanya-kanyang lakwatsa. Hubby's oldest brother and his wife went to spa, his second brother and wife have an official meeting, while hubby and I decided to watch a movie.

We went to Eastwood Libis to watch Jumper. Movie was so galeng! astig! though there are some things that we wished they have included in the movie. Kasi they did not explain why he got that power. I was actually hoping that David will ask his mom about that when he went to her house, which he did not. Galing lang with all the actions but I wished talaga they explained.

Hubby actually wanted to watch pa Spiderwick kaso parang feeling ko kasi pangbata sya like Narnia so we did not watch na. Pasyal konti kaso boring pala sa Eastwood kasi walang masyadong shops so we left na with nowhere to go. We decided to have mass muna then isip naman to just go to Farmer's and buy seafood. We bought tahong, which I made into baked tahong, and tuna and salmon sashimi.

We had a great dinner at home. Kids arrived very happy at past eight. We learned that they went pala to Parks and Wildlife for a picnic then sa Circle for some biking.

We ended the weekend the way we usually do - a 9pm massage. The best weekend ender!

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Patrick Roberts said...

The filming style of Jumper made me feel like i myself was jumping around, which was cool. Also Christensen’s lines were as short as possible, which was ideal for the movie’s overall quality.