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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


“Mama, big na ko?” or, “Mama, finish na ko big?” This is the question that kurt always asks me whenever we watch his dada play bowling. And why is that so? Because we told him that he can only play bowling when he’s big na. So, in random days, I will hear him excitedly shouting, calling me to go to him. The reason? That he can now reach the light switch, or that he can reach the lower edge of the picture frame, etc. Whenever he tries to reach these high hard-to-reach things and be able to actually touch them, he’ll excitedly tell me that he’s big na. LOL! He’s such in a hurry to grow big just so he can play bowling like his dada. He will again and again ask me when he can play when we’re watching his dada, and I in turn will repeatedly tell him that he can play when he’s big na. Hay… I am such with two bowl-a-holic men in my life and I just can’t wait to see them both playing together.

Hubby at play:

Picture of the little boy attempting to get a ball:

The little boy with dada's wrister:

The little boy on his pretend bowling game:

I must note too, that this two both have the habit of swinging their arms as if attempting to throwing a ball while we're walking. There are times when I'll see both of them doing that habit at the same time and I am just so amazed with them. LOL!

And oh! an observation about the pictures above. Hubby's pictures were taken using my new phone, Nokia N82. While the little boy's pictures were taken using my jurassic-but-I-still-love Nokia 6230(if I remember the model right) flip phone. See the difference?! really great huh! LOL!

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