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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Treasured possesion

If you will recall, I posted here my dilemma about me being tempted to get a new phone. Well, guess what?! I finally bought it!!

Here it is!

Please excuse the quality of photo as this was taken using my old camera phone. LOL!

So? how does it feel. Really really good!! I super love my new phone. I guess the only downside that I see on this phone is that I am so used to using flipphone na it's very easy to text. The first time I used this, nangalay kamay ko since the keypads are only 1/3 of the phone but now, I'm getting used to it and really loving it. It can take really really good photos. I can't post it yet though as I don't have my LAN cable (naks!) with me and I can't seem to make the bluetooth of my laptop work.