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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time to change mobile phones?

Haaay... I fell in love late last month with this phone, Nokia N82. You see, I still have the old Nokia 6260. During that time, the in thing was the flip phones, actually medyo late na rin ako when I bought that but I love that phone. I never envied those who had newer model phones after that, wala akong pakialam sa new models that are 3G kasi for me, my phone still does its job, which for me are: for SMS, calls and take pictures. But then for some time na, nagloloko ang phone ko, as in it hangs up when I do SMS, when i use it to call the other line can't hear me so I've been thinking if it is the time to change phones. Ako na rin lang yata ang taong natitira with this phone but I dont mind, I'm actually happy kasi mine was matibay. My sister's, SIL's, nephew's 6260 all got busted and cannot be repaired anymore. So proud ako that mine's still working. So, sabi ko since I'll be replacing din, might as well look for a phone with these features which are important to me:
1. Basic call and text
2. Great for taking pictures (this is logical as a cameraphone can mostly likely capture moments kasi I always take it with me except when home)
3. Wifi functionality (I love to blog and browse other people's blog and given that there are a lot of free wifi spots now, this is a great functionality too)
and 4th, but not really a priority as this is provider specific, MobileTV capable.

I searched and searched the web for this. Basta best if I can have four features, better if i can have the first three and good enough if only the two. I was about to settle with SEK510i (which is good for the first 2 features) when I came across N82 and I know, this is the phone for me. Big factor talaga sa kin ang camera and this has wifi pa so really great. The 4th, I can live without it as I am also a Globe subscriber.

I am so tempted to buy na as this is available for installment in Avant, Greenbelt but I've decided to wait until the price goes down, anyway it was just released last November. BUT today, I passed by Avant again and saw the phone, haaay.... then came across pa these reviews from Juicelog and Symbian-freak. Now I don't know what to do.