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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Missing my car

It's been one full week without my car, and I am terribly missing it. I actually miss my independence. You see, I brought my car monday last week (Jan 7) to Honda Makati to repair my car's "kiss marks" LOL

When I went there and assessed my car's "kiss marks" and compared against my LOA (letter of authority from Insurance), they've concluded that it will need more repair than what was assessed by the insurance, so another approval process na naman. If it will be done fast, it will then take 2-3 days to order the parts then 3-4 days to repair the car, so if Philam approved the change on a tuesday, they can order the parts on that day, parts to arrive on friday-saturday then actual work to start monday and I'll get back my car by thursday to friday. HOWEVER, for some reason, my very good insurance STILL hasn't approved the request as of the moment. THEY are claiming that they have not received the faxed request that according to Honda people was sent wednesday last week.

Well, I don't know who's telling the truth but I too had the experience of sending my second affidavit for another accident 3x to Philam since "apparently" they are not receiving my fax. Oh well. As it turned out now, Honda received already my second LOA for the other "kiss marks", nauna pa tuloy dun sa naunang request. I will definitely be calling them back again tomorrow morning to expedite the process. I terribly miss my independence now. I want it back.

Lesson learned on this experience: BE MORE CAREFUL IN DRIVING AND PARKING. It is such a big hassle in dealing with the insurance. I am actually contemplating on changing insurance provider if that is possible, I'm thinking of getting Honda's inhouse insurance so no more hassle in approval process.