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Thursday, December 06, 2007

More caffeine please

Dec. 1 2007, that was the date that I joined the rest of yuppies going crazy over Starbucks 2008 planner. I am a coffee drinker, but since there is a Figaro in our office I seldom go to Starbucks to buy my coffee for the day. I was also not interested with the planner as I had this the first year that they had this promo, and i never used that planner. But curiousity got the better side of me. When I saw how nice the planner is, I know I have to. I have to have it. So, starting that day, I am one of the hundreds of people falling in line in Starbucks, most especially last Tuesday, Dec. 4 until tomorrow because of the promo. On those few days, I already got 13 stickers! 11 more to go and I will finally have the coveted planner. It's soooo nice. More pics and info about it from Dessert comes first.

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