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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2007: One Great Year

(Ok... I have to re-create this entry. For some weird reason, I got an error when I published my original post. Grrr... this is a long post pa naman, I hope I still remember everything. Anyway...)

I got inspired by the January 2008 issue of Creating Keepsakes that I thought of doing this list:

January - Welcomed the year with a BIG bang, lots of fireworks/crackers courtesy of hubby's balikbayan relatives

February - A major purchase. Bought my own car! A Honda City! and got it a day before my 30th birthday.

March - Hubby went to Malaysia while I went to Singapore, we met up in Singapore airport when I arrived and he checked in for departure to Manila. We went back to the city together, checked in my hotel, went out to lunch with friends before he went back to the airport for his flight back to Manila; I conducted/co-facilitated a training for Singaporean clients

April - ??

May - We went to Boracay with the rest of the Bautista family for a much needed vacation

June - Father's Day celebration in Tagaytay with the rest of the Bautistas

July - Kurt started with his tutorials; I got hospitalized; Hubby moved to a new company while I got promoted as Senior Director!

August - I attended a training in Hongkong.

September - Hubby's birthday! Huling chance na sa kalendaryo! Sa lotto na ang sunod na bilangan ng edad. LOL; Kurt's first fieldtrip - Manila Zoo!

October - Kurt turned three! and he learned to say "Barney" straight; Kurt's first try in "trick or treat";

November - A very good payraise (wink!); Beyonce Experience Live;

December - (hoping for a lot of great happenings)

This is a work in progress. Need to check this blog for more happenings during the year that I forgot to include.

(Now, I'm playing safe, I copied everything in MSword to make sure I have a backup in case it happens again)

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