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Monday, November 05, 2007

I journal because..

Kurt really grew a lot when he turned three. I noticed a lot of changes and been wanting to blog it but I cannot do so as I always forget to do it. On the day that he turned three, I heard him say "Barney" instead of his usual "Bay-yee". He also has a concept now of cause and effect. We can also more easily explain things to him. Its sad that I can't think of specific examples now, blame it on my epidural. What I can remember, the happenings of tonight.

I was in the bathroom, cleaning myself before I go to bed, when he excited called on me telling me to hurry up and see the tv. His actual words: "Mama, bilis! galing BJ! bilis" uttered really excitedly. When we're already down the bed, i was about to hug him when he said: "No touch mama! kurt back up! no touch! water here with fish" referring to his blanket and pointing to me where the water and fish are, then some parts of the blanket became ulam, rice, baon and fish.

I am just glad though that until now, he still requests for my hug. He won't go to sleep when we're together in bed unless I hug him, unless we cuddled first, with matching lots of kisses on the lips.

These are the reasons why I journal, on why I keep this blog. I don't want to forget. It's actually also the same reason why I scrapbook but since I cannot easily just create a layout when I have these ideas, this blog serves as my journal.

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