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Sunday, November 04, 2007

4-day vacation in Batangas

Tuesday, Oct. 30 - I was really so busy already start of the day pa lang (mostly personal stuff kaya PL the whole morning). Paid my two credit cards then went to Landmark to buy Kurt's diapers (which can only be bought in Landmark). Had lunch with hubby (in Saisaki) then dropped by SM to buy Kurt's pajamas. I went home from work after lunch to check on kurt's coughing. After which prepared already for our trip home to Batangas later. At around 8:30pm, we left home and went straight to SM Supercenter in Pasig. It was just me, Kurt and Yang. We bought groceries that we'll bring home to Batangas then stayed for a while in Go Nuts Donuts, killing time while eating doughnuts and coffee. At 10pm, we went our way na to International airport to meet up with my siblings and Francis to pick up inay and tatay who's plane is expected to arrive at 10:40 that night from NJ-Chicago-Japan.

We arrived in parking B at 10:40 and according to kuya, per tv monitor, plane is expected to arrive at 10:50pm. Waited few more minutes then hubby arrived followed by ate gem and family. Kurt had too much sugar na buhay na buhay pa kahit late na. Playing paper airplane with his cousins. Plane arrived as scheduled then we waited for another 30 minutes more before checking on them. Since its not practical for all four cars to pick up on the arrival area, we've decided that the two cars just wait in the nearest gasoline station going to sucat while the crv and innova picks them up. We stayed in Total, waiting for them to arrive. After around 30 minutes, they arrived and syempre, hug-hug and kiss. We said goodbye to hubby as he's not going home to batangas with us yet as he still has work the next day. Inay rode in my car while kuya drove it kasi i'm not confident in driving on wee hours in the morning. While tatay rode the innova with Rani and all the baggage. Ate gem and family on their car.

We arrived in Batangas at past 2am, wednesday, Oct. 31. Had puto and dinuguan for midnight snacks - puto courtesy of ate ireen while the dinuguan was cooked by ate gem. Chika-chika then open ng balikbayan box for pasalubongs. I got a Lauren Style RL perfume and sandals. Hubby got a Polo Black RL perfume while kurt got 2 shirts and 2 pants and of course we have chocolates. Thanks ate! We went to sleep at 4am then woke up at 11am. We had veggies and sinaing na tulingan for lunch then ate gem cooked baked macaroni for merienda. We've decided to go to SM Lipa later that afternoon as inay did not bring any toiletries. So, we girls, with Hannah and Kurt went to Lipa. It was so cold when we got there, gulat ako, tapos raining pa. Bought toiletries and simcard for inay's cellphone. Had nilaga for dinner then everybody's so tired already and went to sleep early. Me, I waited for hubby to arrive from Manila. He left late na kasi he's trying to avoid the traffic. He got there at past 11pm and we all went to sleep na.

Thursday, Nov. 1 - For whatever reason, I've decided to clean my car with matching wax pa, realized that its hard pala. We then prepared food that we'll take in the cemetery. Kuya cooked calderetang kambing, i cooked spaghetti while inay made her undas tradition of sinukmani (rice cake). We left for cemetery before lunch. Kuya has already setup the tent early that morning then he brought table, chairs, banig and tent for kids. Kurt had a lot of fun, enjoy sya kasi he and his girl cousins were watching Dora dvds in Beia and Abie's portable dvd. They're so noisy inside the tent as they are replying to Dora's questions. Grabe! a lot of kids got curious so they're watching from outside the tent. Then when the sun went down, he played frisbee with kuya Janssen then later on with dada. Francis, Patrick and Joshua played chess against ate Swannie's daddy, while I read my scrapbook magazines, and tatay and inay played scrabble.

We stayed there until 7pm while kuya and the guys stayed until later. We had inihaw na baboy and enselada (green mangoes, onion, tomatoes, alamang and wansoy) that I made for dinner. Yummy!

Friday, Nov. 2 - we prepared for a visit to the grave of tatay's siblings and parents and inay's siblings and parents too. Tito Elmo fixed the flowers then after lunch we left already. First stop: the cemeteries in Rosario - we visited tatay's siblings and parents then we went to the old cemetery to visit ate's daughter. We then went straight to Lipa, first to floral garden then Eternal for inay's parents. Last stop is SM to buy dinner for that night. And this is when Hannah and Kurt had the pictures in the previous post taken.

Saturday, Nov. 3 - we had breakfast then prepared for our trip back to Manila. Exciting cause it's my first time to drive back to Manila from the house (as in whole trip, dati kasi I start na sa SLEX). Funny kasi both hubby and I had our cars, Kurt and Yang went with me while tito Elmo, going to Manila too, stayed with hubby.

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