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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mexicali and mexican food

Its been a week now and I'm still craving for chips and salsa. So today, I decided to satisfy that craving by eating at Mexicali. This is one restaurant that I always ignore to think I always see it in Glorietta and Megamall. The place "speaks" Mexican, from the name, music and interiors but I don't see it inviting, that's why I'm so glad that today I decided to try it out. My craving: chips and salsa, and Greenwich pizza, because its so homemade cheesy but decided to fulfill my chip and salsa craving first. Glad I did. I ordered for, of course, tortillas and salsa plus cheese and garlic quesadillas. Total cost: P152.25.

I LOVE LOVE my chips and salsa. The salsa is actually simple and I made this already before so while eating I'm thinking of heading straight to Rustans supermarket to buy ingredients and make my own salsa. I think we still have chips at home. My MIL always buy nacho chips when she goes to Quiapo.

Then my cheese and garlic quesadilla arrived, its also simple but good, not a huge serving, together with the necessary dips of sour cream, salsa and what seems to be their version of guacamole. Somehow, it satisfied my craving for cheesy pizza since it's really cheesy.

While eating, the familiar taste brought back memories of my US assignment. Mexican food is our default lunch most especially when I got assigned to Cisco. I'll usually order chicken quesadilla and load up on guacamole and salsa. It also brought back memories of my 3-week assignment in Austin, Texas for AMD. That's when I tasted the best Tex-Mex food and good old fashioned salsa. I remember that since that experience, the "used-to-be-good-enough-for-me" Tostitos bottled salsa now tastes bland in comparison. That assignment in Texas upgraded my taste pallet for Tex-Mex food.

Mexican food is also my "no-thinking-needed" food when I go shopping in Great Mall, Milpitas. My favorite? steak fajitas!, quesadillas and of course chips and salsa. Oh, and speaking of steak fajitas, I so love this too from AppleBees!

Mexican restaurants are so common in the US due to a lot of Mexican immigrants. Based on my observation, it's the "fastfood" for the working people there. However, I did not like the burrito, which is like the Meditterranean's (sp?) gyros or shawarma but with rice. I don't like it because of the rice inside. For me, it feels weird. But that's just me.

To go back to my Mexicali experience. I truly enjoyed my food and I think I'm now placing it in my fave resto list. I can't wait to take Francis here and try out their beef tenderloin fajitas.

Just finished my food as I finished this entry (from my mini notebook, that is). My rating: DEFINITELY GOOD! I did not even feel bothered that I'm drinking water instead of my favorite Coke Light.

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