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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

home schooling

kurt started his home schooling today. well, actually, as i type this entry, he is upstairs studying with his teacher, tita aimee, my BIL's fiancee. aimee is tutoring (sp?) pau and sean, kurt's two cousins, and kurt always would say that he wants to study, he wants to join them upstairs. we decided to make him start studying too. original offer was an actual preschool at home but we decided against it cause we feel that he's not yet ready for that, or i think mas reason na ayaw naming magsawa sya and to really enjoy playing muna. we intend to enroll him as "saling pusa" in a preschool within the village when he turns 3 so for now, he's having a one-hour daily class with his tita aimee.

even before he started today, sinasali na sya ni aimee paminsan-minsan sa class, he had 2 pages of worksheets filled up na, currently displayed on our refrigerator door, one is drawing a line and the other one is coloring the 3 big circles, plus the other images that aimee drew that kurt can color. add to that the flash card that she and istong did, thanks to that because kurt can now recite the representative of each letter of the alphabet, well except for X - xylophone.

we're giving this tutoring a one month trial to see if he'll always be cooperative, but my hunch is it will. kasi he sees his cousins studying so he wants to mimic them.

below is a picture that i took by sneaking in, kaso nahuli rin ako, sayang, blurred yung picture, patago kasi. i don't want to disturb him while studying sana eh.

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