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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

dinner in seven corners

just got back from a very good dinner.

we woke up late this morning. our intention was to be in makati by 8am, i set the alarm in my cellphone to 6:15am, i heard the alarm and pressed what i thought was the snooze button, however, i learned at 7:45 that what i probably pressed was the off button. so i woke up francis and we hurriedly took a bath and dressed up. we were supposed to use my car as francis has no intention of bringing his car but due to this event, he decided to bring his car and i decided not to bring my car as i know i can't drive under time pressure. so i just rode with him to makati. on our way, that's when i learned that my meeting was moved to 9am so good for me.

since i don't have a car, i decided to go to francis office in pioneer to go home with him. he actually wanted to pick me up from makati but i hate to wait for him for a long time so i just told him that i'll go to his office.

when we met, he said he's hungry, i am hungry too, and that's how we ended up in seven corners.

seven corners is crown galleria suites (not sure of exact name) version of makati shangri-la's circles and edsa shangri-la's heat. this is our second time to eat here. i am excited for the steak.

i started my meal with steamed shrimps, lobster, mussels and oysters, then i realized that i was not supposed to eat oysters with an empty stomach so i got salmon sashimi and various maki and miso soup. even in circles, i always indulge in seafood and sushi, so no difference here, but this time, i only had one serving and proceeded already to the steak. this is what's special here compared to circles. there are more choices in circles but they don't have steak there. i only requested for half inch thick of steak, cooked medium well. it was good but not as good as the steaks i cook in the US, the beef in the US is different, more flavorful.

while eating my steak, the waiter approached us telling us that it's last call already before they close so i proceeded to the dessert station, getting two sticks of various fruits dipped in the chocolate fountain then got one truffle and one itsy bitsy chocolate cake. then ordered for their ice cream tepanyaki and got mango crepe. i was telling hubby that it's not obvious that i love chocolate. hehehe...

i enjoyed everything but i guess this time di ko sya nasulit. finished off my meal with brewed coffee, now as i am typing this entry, i'm drinking hot water. i feel so full.

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