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Monday, July 09, 2007

being hospitalized

been so long since i blogged. na-hospital kasi ako. wednesday afternoon, i am having my afternoon coffee from figaro when suddenly my stomach had a very sharp pain, as in namimilipit ako sa sakit so i went to the clinic to ask for medicine. the nurse gave me semeco and told me that if after 30 mins. the pain persists, that i drink the other piece. that was 4pm then at 4:30 with still sharp pain in my stomach, i drank semeco again. at 5pm, i have to go to the restroom to vomit and after that, LBM na and the pain is worse. good thing francis was just in PLDT so he immediately picked me up. i'm in pain on our way to Medical City, nagsuka ako ulit. When we get in the ER, they told me to that they cannot give me pain killer so they can localize the cause, baka daw surgical. after a very looooooooooong wait, the surgery resident checked me then she said that she'll ask the OB to clear me first so the ER nursing aide brought me to the 5th flr. for OB check up. To make the story short, I was admitted at 2am. Got discharged yesterday, sunday, july 8 and will have an ultrasound of my gallbladder, pancreas and liver tomorrow. diagnosis: acute gastritis, acute gastroenteritis

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