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Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am an Examiner

Got tagged by Pat

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ISTJ - The "Examiner"

ISTJ's are very loyal, faithful and dependable. They place good importance on honesty and integrity. They are "good citizens" who can be depended on to do the right thing for their families and communities. While they generally take things very seriously, they also have an offbeat sense of humor and can be a lot of fun - especially at family or work-related gatherings.

ISTJs are often called inspectors. They have a keen sense of right and wrong, especially in their area of interest and/or responsibility. They are noted for devotion to duty. Punctuality is a watchword of the ISTJ. The secretary, clerk, or business(wo)man by whom others set their clocks is likely to be an ISTJ.

At work, ISTJs get things done on a timely basis. They honor deadlines, and they believe in thoroughness. A half-finished joy is not a job well done. They established procedures and schedules, and are uncomfortable with those who do not do the same. ISTJs put duty before pleasure. As long as they can fulfil their responsibilities, they feel useful and thereby satisfied. Their work does not have to be fun, but it has to count toward something productive. ISTJs believe that vacations are something that one takes only when work has been accomplished; thus, at times they do not take vacations even when they could and should. - (Hmm... this one I am not sure because I seldom pass on vacations, actually, bihira nga ako makaipon ng VLs).

Famous ISTJs:
- Andrew Johnson - American President
- Benjamin Harrison - American President
- Elizabeth II - Queen of England
- Evander Holyfield- boxer
- George W. Bush - American President
- George Washington - American President
- Harry Truman - American President
- Herbert Hoover - American President
- Jack Webb - actor, producer
- Jackie Joyner-Kersee - athlete (heptathion)
- Thomas - Christ's apostle
- Warren Buffet - Investor, businessman

ISTJ careers:
Ha! my current career is included in the list! so, ibig sabihin ba eh enough na ang denial ko na I am not on the right career?! hmmm...

I want to know your personality Tet, Quel, Em and Nol.

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