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Monday, March 10, 2008

Travel tips

I just finished my tips for Singapore which I sent to my officemates. I really enjoyed doing it and I hope to do this for other places that I've been to a number of times na. My post for the San Jose, CA is completed already, I can't post other things na as those are specific na to work.

Now, I'm thinking of Hongkong, not to make the tips, but to look for some tips. You see, I did not enjoy my first visit to Hongkong. It was an OB trip and we just extended our stay until weekend. Since marami kami, I did not prepare any itinerary, did not do any research, so in short, we were not able to go to must-go-shopping places, well, we saw the night market and Tsam Tsi Tsu (sp?) pero we were not able to go to the outlet malls. To think we did not go to Disneyland and Ocean Park para lang makapag-shopping and we're mostly moms so we know na malulungkot lang kami if we go there without our family, eh ako, I've been to Disneyland in California na. So, now, can somebody make the tips sheet for Hongkong please or refer me to a site that has one? No plans of going to Hongkong yet though as parang ang gustong next travel destination ni hubby eh Korea.

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