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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tips in San Jose, CA - Tip # 4

Tip # 4: Recommended Restaurants for daily eating

• Applebees – definitely American but not for daily meals though as American food are the most expensive. I love the riblets here.
• In N Out – a must try. Their burgers and fries are very good.
• Black Angus – from outside, the restaurant looks intimidating, parang mahal but once you go inside, steaks are really affordable, you can have a complete steak meal for $15.
• Sizzler – another alternative resto if you want to eat steak.
• Happy House – a Japanese fast food, it’s in Saratoga ave., on the north side. Food here is cheap, averages $6.
• There’s this Korean restaurant that has buffet grill on your table top – I so love this, I even took francis here when he visited me, unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the resto.
• Olive Garden – buffet salad, pizza and pasta. There are other buffet restaurants which I can no longer recall. So bear with me. There’s this sushi buffet pa but medyo malayo and I don’t know how to go there, hubby’s auntie just took as there – ok ‘to kasi pinipilahan ng mga tao. If you’re really interested, let me know so I can ask hubby’s auntie.
• And one more thing, if you’ll be part of a big team, there will always be weekly free lunches. So through this, you’ll get to try different restaurants.

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