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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tips in San Jose, CA - Tip # 3

Tip #3: Don't forget to SHOP on the Black Friday Sale

As the timing of our secondment in the US is usually July to December, we're so lucky to be in the US during thanksgiving. More than experiencing the holiday, which is the most awaited and celebrated holiday in the US, we also got the chance to be there for the sale, the day after the thanksgiving, the famous Black Friday Sale.

On my two separate US assignments, I got to experience this. This is the mother of all sales and everybody "as in everybody" who are eyeing on big purchases wait for this moment. All stores put their items on sale, so the biggest key is planning and prioritization. Also, it is better to be in East Coast during this time, Delaware, to be exact as it is tax-free for everything. Though usually, some stores are tax-free during this day.

So again, what can help survive this very important date? PLAN and PRIORITIZE.

Few days before the Black Friday sale, sale info are already available on the web, so it is best to check the web for Black Friday ad. This site lists all stores participating and the items on sale including sale amounts, conditions like how many stocks available or are rain checks allowed, etc. The site is updated everyday until the day itself and send email alerts of new ads.

On my last visit, I want so much to buy a videocam, this Black Friday ad helped me look for the best deal. I compared deals offered by Best Buy, Circuit City and Office Depot and through the ad, I was able to buy my Sony HD video camera from Best Buy. I learned that they'll be selling limited stocks only, I already checked the price, so my sister and I woke up really early to be in Best Buy by 5am and so shocked we are that the line is so long already. We're really thankful for my research on the net, if we haven't searched beforehand, I wouldn't have known which store to buy my videocam.

From the same Black Friday ad, I was able to list all the stores where I can buy all the items that I want to buy. One, I bought Leap Pad books from Toys R Us as I saw that these will be on sale. Second, we're also able to buy a $20 Philips cordless phone from Circuit City (that's from original of $40). Third, my sister was able to buy a really cheap ladder from Home Depot, while we both bought two way radios from the same store. All of these, only because we researched before we hit the sale. Would you believe that by 9am, we're done buying our major purchases (the fast moving items)? that we're still able to enjoy a very good breakfast and after the breakfast, that's when we went back to the stores to buy the rest of the items that we want (these are the items that we know will not be immediately gone).

There are actually items that can be bought online. I bought my Apple IPOD Video online. I learned that Apple will be selling online refurbished units at half the price, of course, I grabbed the opportunity, I was able to buy an IPOD at half its price delivered on my doorstep.

In summary, one must really be prepared for the Black Friday sale. I was actually surprised on my first time to experience it. I was shocked that people actually camped outside the stores, just to be the first ones to enter the store once it opens. I've never seen that kind of sale, and we were not prepared on my first time, that's why on my second time, we were so prepared, we researched before we attacked. By afternoon, we're done shopping based on our list. Isn't it great?!

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