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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How do we celebrate valentines?

In response to Nol's question in our egroup. I am posting here ours.

Hubby and I are “sala sa init sala sa lamig” when it comes to valentines celebration. Meaning there are years that we celebrate and years that we don’t. Well, not exactly not celebrate, but, we don’t go out on the day itself. Reason? It’s unbelievably expensive on valentine’s day. I can just hear my boss saying that, “well, let your husbands spend for you.” Although I agree, I think I’m becoming practical na rin as we’re expecting huge expenses for our lot and future house construction. So, to go back on my topic.

We already had our date last night. It was actually not planned. I got tired on planning all our activities kasi and hubby is so used to me always planning everything. So, last night, while we’re both at work, I sent him a text message asking if he’s got plans, he called me and asked me if I have plans (sabi ko sa inyo sanay yun na ako ang nagpaplano eh). End of conversation, we’ve decided to eat at Gulliver's of San Francisco. We had our valentine’s date there two years ago, we made reservations that time but this time since we did not plan on anything, we decided that last night is the good time to eat as we don’t have reservations anywhere for tonight. We both love steak and we love Gulliver's more now when we tasted the Highlands Steakhouse in MOA, we liked Gulliver's better.

Hubby ordered the full bone cut prime rib (the biggest), while I ordered the Gulliver cut prime rib. We also ordered a bottle of Jacob’s Creek merlot. We both are so full after dinner, I think Gulliver’s cut is so huge for me and hubby thinks his order is too big for him too. About the wine, we both loved the wine. I was only able to drink 1 ½ glass as I got tipsy already. I can’t drink much as I’ll be driving home as both hubby and I brought our cars to office. Hubby finished the entire bottle but it is as if it has no effect on him at all.

This morning, I woke up early as I have an office meeting. We greeted each other happy valentines with matching kiss and he apologized for not giving me flowers yet as he’s still waiting for the sweldo. (Side note: we’re both financially drained as we paid in full yesterday the lot that we bought and there are processing charges pa pala that we were not able to consider – will have another post about this). I guess he apologized kasi on the past years he always buy the flowers early morning kaya pagkagising ko pa lang, I have flowers na beside our bed. Though ngayon, hapon na, wala pa rin akong flowers :(

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