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Friday, February 29, 2008

All about me

• I’m a coffee addict. I can distinguish brewed from instant coffee on my first sip.
• I am addicted to traveling, if I have the money and the time, I’ll be spending most of my waking hours traveling – good thing I married a man who feels the same way and a son starting to show signs of being like us
• I don’t mind being alone, I actually enjoy doing things alone: eating lunch, shopping, traveling, though of course, there are times when I prefer to be with somebody while doing these
• I can spend the whole day in a coffee shop just reading or looking at passersby or simply daydreaming
• I love daydreaming. I do it while I’m at work, while driving, while taking a bath or anytime when I feel like escaping to my dream world.
• I love daydreaming about our future home. How each room looks like, spending a lazy afternoon curled in the sofa enjoying the breeze with the soothing sound of water falls coming from our garden, enjoying a barbecue cookout, having breakfast in our lanai, watching my son playing in the garage, spending time on my scrapbook room, whipping up something from the kitchen or having a good conversation over coffee with hubby
• I dream of managing my own “homey” coffee shop. Enjoying a conversion with my loyal frequent customers or reading a favorite book or simply enjoying being a barista.
• I enjoy window shopping. I can spend an entire day in the mall, looking around, trying clothes and shoes BUT go home empty handed.
• I enjoy long drives (for so long as it’s not traffic), most especially if partnered with good music, great food and coffee. I don’t mind looking at never ending fields, mountains and trees.
• I always plan the itinerary for our vacations, I can even go as OC as to list all the clothes we’ll wear in every activity that we’ll do but I also enjoy unplanned trips, I love the spontaneity of it and spur of the moment decisions of what to do and where to go. I truly enjoy not worrying of losing the time to do the things that we have to do.
• I’m addicted to spa. I have a weekly massage, which I recently upgraded to 1 ½ hour massage. I have an annual (at the very least) pampering day where I’ll have a body scrub, body wrap, body soak, massage, hair spa, foot spa. In the past years, I do all of these on my birthday, except this year where I decided to pamper my car instead on my actual birthday (got it the day before my birthday so it’s his first year) by taking it to CASA for a checkup (LOL!) Last year, I think I did this pampering ritual quarterly.
• During office hours, when I am so stressed out and can’t think straight, I’ll just leave and have a massage, foot spa or simply go shopping.
• I love reading feel good stories like Sophie Kinsella’s books.
• I enjoy staying on bed the whole day doing nothing.