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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008

Hello! anybody awake? how's the fireworks last night?

kami, ayun, nagtatago sa room sa attic. the little boy was so scared to go out of the rooftop to join everybody in watching the fireworks display. good thing i watched na before i brought him upstairs. he was actually sleeping kaso kawawa naman that as we welcome the new year eh mag-isa lang sya sa baba while all of us are in the rooftop. he really cried hard, nung una ni ayaw nyang lumabas ng room sa attic but later on, he agreed that we stayed near the door so we can watch some of the fireworks. we really had a good view up there, some nga nakakatakot kasi ang lapit lang sa min that they sometimes go inside to hide.

the boys first lighted up the "pla-pla" downstairs, in front of the vacant lot near the house, while the rest of fireworks/crackers were lit up in the rooftop. ni hindi man lang kami nakahawak ng "lusis" LOL

we went down again to light this time the "sawa". they bought two sets, one 1000 and another 3600 version. after it quieted, we had the media noche. really simple food as we only ate toasted bread, excelente ham, queso de bola, california maki and fruit salad with hot chocolate. we ate too much na nung dinner eh from the pamamanhikan. there are wines/champagne kaya lang parang di bagay sa hot chocolate. LOL

we went to sleep almost 3am na but still managed to wake up by 9am. now, the boys are lighting up some of the remaining firecrackers and Istong is cleaning up the cars, *wishing* na kasama ang kotse ko sa lilinisin.

so, here's my first post for 2008!