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Monday, January 28, 2008

8 things I am grateful for

I was tagged by Em. Pretty difficult tag so let me see what I can come up of.

1. I am grateful that I stayed on my job. Well, my company is the usual "first job" of most CPAs. A lot join here for the training, for the exposure and only a few decides to continue for varied reasons like, overwork-underpaid, better opportunity, etc. I never thought too that I will stay here for long as I told myself before that i'll stay here only for 2 years. But God planned it differently, I am now working here for 10 years! been to three groups and I am DEFINITELY loving it. Why? pay gets better as you stay longer. A lot of opportunity. A lot of experience. Huge growth. Flexible hours.

2. I am grateful for my current boss (our wedding ninang). Well, related to my first item, i think I would have not stayed here for so long if not for my very good bosses since I started working here. Most especially my current boss. Yes, she's strict when it comes to work. But she's also a mom who understands. Hay, she's full of heart that's why I guess working here is not that hard.

3. I am grateful for my husband. I sometimes find fault in him, in our relationship and sometimes in our life BUT he's still there. He has some faults but I do too. And he's still there for me. I am also grateful for him letting me do things that I want, buy things that I want.

4. I am grateful for my son for a lot of things. One, for constantly teaching me about patience (truly a test of patience!), two - for teaching me to appreciate simple things, three - for teaching me to be selfless (though there are still times when i tend to be selfish), four - for his unconditional love. His hug and kisses are the best thing in the world and I feel so secure with his love whenever he hugs and kisses me. Iba talaga ang innocent love!!, five - for our rollercoaster life because of him - his moodswings, his laughter, his tantrums, his everything.

5. I am grateful for the places that I've been to. I am such a lakwatsera (may nunal sa talampakan pati asawa ko) kaya I am so happy whenever we travel, mapa-out of the country, road trip or whatever. My two US trips that took me couple of times to: NY, NJ, Philly, San Francisco, Austin,Texas, LA, Washington DC, Napa, other parts of Northern California, my numerous trips to Singapore and my Hongkong visit. Our local trips to: Boracay, Bohol, Davao, CDO, Camiguin, Cebu, Bacolod, Guimaras, Iloilo, Bukidnon, most of northern Luzon (baguio, sagada, banaue, pagudpod, vigan, lauag, la union, abra, pangasinan, zambales, Cagayan Valley Region, Isabela)and syempre southern Luzon. I'm still looking forward to the following planned trips: Hubby and I's Singapore this February, our office outing in Boracay, the planned entire family vacation in Palawan next summer. I dream of going to: Las VEgas, DisneyWorld for kurt, Grand Canyon, Chicago. I want to finally experience the snow!! I also want to go to Europe. Haay..

6. I am grateful to both sides of the family. My side - for always being there whenever I need them. For the kwentuhan, the videoke nights, the monthly kita-kita in Batangas, for being my guinea pigs for recipes that I want to try. Hubby's side -for wholeheartedly accepting me on their side of the family. I don't feel an "in law" at all.

7. I am grateful of the Man Up There. For everything. For everything I am grateful of, I owe it all to him. I have my shortcomings, I am not always a good daughter but He loves me still.

8. And last, thanks to Em. Thanks for this. I really thought that this is a hard topic but I realized that once you start it, you have a lot of things to be thankful of and eight is not enough. Thank you Em for making me see how wonderful my life is. For making me realize that I have a lot of things to be thankful of. I want to add more! Probably, I can do scrapbook layout where I can list all the things that I am thankful of.

I am tagging anybody who reads this and wants to realize how great their life is!