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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Anniversary celebration: the day

Since we already patched things up that midnight, ok na kami. We decided that we'll have lunch in Circles, Makati Shangri-La to celebrate. We haven't eaten in Circles for so long that we were suprised to see the major changes. There are more sushi, more seafood, there's even a lobster and better food choices. We saw the chef making his rounds and checking everything with some of the waiters, we guessed that he's probably new and he's responsible for all these really good changes in Circles. Of course, enjoy kami ni hubby as in major!

We started off with the sushi then seafood, then i tried some of the various salads and appetizer. Headed off to carving station and finally my favorite, the dessert bar, having a feast with all the different chocolate desserts. I managed to take a few pics using my camera phone, however, i cannot post them yet as my little boy is busy playing billiards in my phone = )

Now, here are some pics of my plate.

My sushi and seafood plate:

A close up photo of the sushi:

My greens plus caesar dressing:

A sampling of the different salads and appetizer:

I forgot to take a picture of the roast beef. So, here's my dessert plate. Hindi obvious that I love chocolate noh? LOL

There are actually a LOT more food kaso I prioritize, I only eat the sushi, seafood, salads, appetizer, carvings and of course the dessert. I always skip on the chinese, indian, pasta and other main dishes. I don't see anything special kasi on these food. In the carving station, I usually only get the roast beef but when I am in the mood, I also request for a slice of the lamb.
A picture of the huge Christmas tree in the Makati Shangrila lobby:

So funny how my anniversary celebration post turned to focus on the food that we ate. LOL!