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Monday, October 01, 2007


whenever i log on to friendster and check out my friends photos, i can't help but be amazed at where they are now. and that deep feeling of, what ifs? start to creep mo. i always think what our life now would have been if we've decided to live overseas? i dunno. is it worth trying? i dunno?

we still can't see our future clearly. just yesterday, we looked at the for sale lot here in greenwoods, but is this really the life that we want? if we buy that lot, we'll pay P1M+ then a good house will cost P5M?! according to our friend. whew! i can't just imagine how long we're going to pay to build our house. i've been thinking about that last night. is this really what we want? are we really going to stay here? or are we going to join most of our friends who went overseas?

i dunno.. that's the only thing i can say. may God help us decide on where we really should go. He've been a very good guide in the past years.

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